Sunrise Medical is experiencing an average lead time of 1-2 weeks on all orders


“I rarely find this level of customer service these days, and I deal with a good number of vendors. This, along with your excellent product knowledge is truly a testimonial from a very satisfied customer. Thank you so much for your assistance.”  
– Robert B.

"I appreciate the great service and the genuine concern toward my situation.  Thank you."
– Linh H.     

"Thank you so much, Tony!  It arrived today, and it's a large!!  Your help this week has been great - I work in Customer Service as well, so I really appreciate when someone goes out of their way to give great Customer Service!! You rock!"  

"You have been so kind and sent it so fast! Again, thank you." 
-Vicki B 

"Thank you so much. Also the web site was really buyer friendly. I tried [a competitor site] first and could never check out!"
- Wilma S

"We were away for the weekend and returned Monday to find the new cushion waiting!  Thank you for such quick delivery! I am using it and think that it is going to be great.  It is really much easier to transfer onto it.  It is hard to say what the longrange  response will be, but for now, thank you for your patient help with the order."