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Frequently Asked Questions

Are we the manufacturer's of the Jay Cushions?

No, we are an authorized Jay retailer. Jay Cushions is a division of RSW Stores, an internet vendor that represents various products and manufacturers. We do not intend to represent, nor claim in any fashion that we are Sunrise Medical, 1-800-333-4000. Sunrise Medical is the manufacturer of Jay Seating products, we ( - RSW Stores) are an authorized internet dealer.

Does Our Company Bill Insurance?

Every client needs to understand their own insurance policy, to understand if their policy covers such products. RSW Stores is not responsible to inform clients on their coverage/benefits. RSW Stores will not file any official Insurance claims. We can send official invoices with HCPCS codes this is all, we do apologize for any inconvenience

Do insurance companies cover Jay cushions?

Jay Cushions can be covered by some insurance companies. Due to Medicare guidelines the Jay cushion is deemed a wheelchair accessory, so to be covered by Medicare the client MUST have a wheelchair (not a transport chair) paid by Medicare in the past 5 years and not have received seating in the past 2 years. Medicare only considers payment on wheelchairs every 5 years and seating every 2 years within the 5 year “Reasonable Useful Lifetime (RUL)” of the wheelchair. There are some wheelchairs that cannot take additional seating and these would be power chairs with built on “van style” seating, this cushion can’t be removed making the Jay cushion non-covered for that specific power chair type. Special Medical will only attempt to "invoice" or help claims for orders placed within our websites, an RSW Stores order number is required to process any insurance information. At no time in the process of complimentary claims is there a guarantee of payment or reimbursement to the client/Medicare beneficiary in any fashion.